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Centre for Parliamentary Studies

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Centre for Parliamentary Studies

About the Centre:
The Preamble to the Constitution of India to be a democratic country. Democracy is said to be the system of government which is governed by the people themselves through their representatives. The body of representatives in India is known as the Parliament. This democratic set-up of government can be as good and effective as the Parliament, keeping itself in consonance with the needs and sentiments of the people. In the time of rapid technological advancement, responses of the Parliament to these sentiments are easily observable. The Centre for Parliamentary Studies (CPS) is a specialized Centre, established by Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla to undertake studies related to the functioning of parliament. To find out the further concerns for research in parliamentary bodies, it is necessary to analyze the deliberations in the Parliament and its other institutions. Apart form their conventional roles parliamentarians in the present scenario, have various other functions to perform. The Centre will carry out all the necessary activities to achieve the following objectives:

Vision and Objectives of the Centre: 
For the concerns briefed above, following are the main objectives of which this Centre sincerely wants itself to engage and achieve the same: 

1. To impart comprehensive knowledge related to parliament functioning in India;
2. To acquaint the people with the working of the Parliament;
3. To undertake the research in the various fields of the Parliamentary system of India and abroad;
4. To conduct study to find out the role of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in strengthening the Parliamentary set-up of government;
5. To engage various stakeholders to discuss the contemporaneous issues and challenges before the Parliament
6. To collaborate with various bodies, including government and non-governmental at national and international level, research institutions, academic institutions to conduct research and spread awareness about the functioning of the Parliament.

Proposed activities to be undertaken:

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the proposed Centre will taken following initatives:

1. Courses: to develop and conduct online/ offline courses for people's representatives. 
2. Research & Training : to carry out research on the functioning of Indian Parliament.
3. Journals: to publish journals for research papers written by students, academicians and professionals with specific focus on issue relating to Parliament.
4. Conferences / Panel discussions: to conduct panel discussions, roundtables, seminars and conferences;
5. Special sessions for students: to invite experts from diverse areas especially from Bar, Bench, Law Firms, Government officials, executives of companies, professionals and academicians for conducting special sessions for students.
6. Online newsletter on the activities of Parliament and the Centre. 

The current constitution of the Centre is as follows: 

Director:                          Prof. (Dr.) S.S. Jaswal, Registrar, HPNLU, Shimla

Ms. Sarita, Assistant Professor (Law) 

Co-coordinator:                Mr. Rohit Sharma, Teaching Associate (Law)

Students Members:

Ms. Muskaan Kapoor  (Batch 2017-22)
Ms. Arshiva Sharma (Batch 2018-23)
Mr. Madhusudan Joshi (Batch 2018-23)
Mr. Veer Vikram Singh (Batch 2019-24)
Mr. Deb Zyoti Das (Batch 2019-24)
Ms. Bhanu Singh Rohilla (Batch 2019-24)
Ms. Yashasvi Sharma (Batch 2020-25)
Ms. Soumya Sharma (Batch 2020-25)
Mr. Piyush Pandit (Batch 2020-25)

Centre for Parliamentary Studies(CPS)

Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla
16 Miles, Shimla-Mandi National Highway, Ghandal, Shimla, H.P. 171014