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Volume - II                                                ISSN - 2582-8533                             April 2021-March 2022

Editorial Advisory Board

Hon’ble Justice Surya Kant

Judge, Supreme Court of India

Hon’ble Justice Tarlok S. Chauhan

Judge, High Court of Himachal Pradesh

Prof. Ranbir Singh

Former Vice-Chancellor, NLU, Delhi

Prof. P. S. Jaswal

Vice-Chancellor, RGNUL, Patiala

Prof. Manoj Sinha

Director, Indian Law Institute

Prof. Vijender Kumar

Vice-Chancellor, MNLU, Nagpur

Prof. S. S. Jaswal

Registrar, HPNLU, Shimla

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Student Editorial Committee

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Fifth Year, B.A.LL.B.

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Fifth Year, B.A.LL.B.

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Fourth Year, B.A.LL.B.

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Fourth Year, B.A.LL.B.

Vanshika Maan

Third Year, B.A.LL.B.

Varin Sharma

Third Year, B.B.A.LL.B.

From the Editor's Desk

Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla (HPNLU) has been fostering discussions on various issues interrelated with the law and legal system. This has been possible by focusing on promotion of deliberations beyond the four walls of the classrooms. In this pursuit, the University has many in-house publications and the HPNLU Law Journal is one of them.

The HPNLU Law Journal has been envisioned to be a platform for bringing various academicians at one platform through their writing. The Journal is founded on the idea of inter-disciplinary study of law to create long-term impact on the system and ultimately the society.

Research and writing have multi-pronged benefits – first, they enhance the quality formulation of laws, second, they help in identification of the issues associated with the formulated laws, third, they provide the way forward for dealing with these issues, fourth, they provide research scholars with insightful discourses that ultimately form the bottom line for further research, and fifth, they help in improving the discussions within the classroom, thereby allowing students studying law to look at law and legal system from varied perspectives.

Writing and publication also have the role of elevating and liberating society. History has umpteen evidence of how writing has affected the society in bringing apposite revolution and fostering egalitarian society. The discourses fostered by publications are not parametric in character, rather they tend to change the existing discourse. It is in this sense of change that the HPNLU Law Journal tries to bring academicians and discourses together.
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that this volume of the HLJ includes articles on topics such as – legal pluralism, data protection bill, commodification of household labour, federalism and issues thereof, laws related to epidemic, forensic sciences and investigation thereof, etc.
HPNLU, Shimla takes pride in the fact that it holds high the flag of promoting quality learning and knowledge exchange free of cost. It achieves this goal by making its publications freely accessible through its official website. I am sure that this volume of HLJ would add to the existing pool of knowledge.

Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
Vice Chancellor
Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla

The views expressed in the HPNLU Law Journal are those of the contributors. The Editors and the journal do not control nor necessarily subscribe or endorse the views expressed by respective contributors. The Editors and HPNLU Law Journal disown all liability and responsibility for any error, misprint and infringement of any right of other by printing any contribution in the journal.

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1. Access to Justice in Pre-Colonial India Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023
2. Electronic Evidence and Cyber Forenscis in India Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023
3. Data Protection, Privacy, and Proposed Law in India Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023
4. Kriti v. Oriental Insurance Company Limited Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023
5. One Work Many Contributors Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023
6. Jurisprudence of Sedition in India Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023
7. Power of Police under Indian Evidence Act, 1872 Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023
8. Incarcerated Until Proven Innocent Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023
9. Transgender Persons' Property Rights in India Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023
10. State of Tribal Rights in Modern India Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023
11. Comparative Investigation of Global Epidemic Laws and India Uploaded on : 20-Mar-2023

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