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Attendance[Degree in Law (U.G.)] is being regulated by the Bar Council of India hence the rules of attendance put in by Bar Council of India are to be followed 

  • A minimum of 70% attendance shall be compulsory to appear in the Semester-end Examination. The Percentage shall be calculated on the basis of average of attendance in all the papers of relevant semester. A candidate who fails to obtain 75% of attendance shall not be allowed to sit in the examination. 
    [Degree in Law (P.G)]A minimum of 75% attendance shall be compulsory to appear in the Semester-end Examination. The Percentage shall be calculated on the basis of average of attendance in all the papers of relevant semester. A candidate who fails to obtain 75% of attendance shall not be allowed to sit in the examination.
  • Notwithstanding anything the above rules, the Vice-Chancellor may condones the shortage of attendance of a candidate of not more than 30% of the total on grounds which are justified.
  • Academic leave: Academic leave shall only be granted by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the Class Teacher / Faculty Advisor. In applying for academic leave, the student shall specify the class hour/s that he/she may be absent for. Academic leave shall be given for a class hour/set of class hours, and not in terms of days. An academic leave form shall accordingly be prepared by the Undergraduate Council.
  • Academic leave to a student shall be considered, subject to the prior approval of the Vice Chancellor, or any person designated by him, for participation in moot court competitions, seminars, conferences, or any other academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. It is further clarified that academic leave shall not be granted for participation in Summer School programmes, internships, job interviews, passport/visa interviews etc under any circumstances.
  • Invitation for participation in any of the activities, for which a student may be granted academic leave, should have been received by the University or addressed to the University. Invitations addressed to individual students will not be considered for academic leave.
  • Academic leave in a given semester shall not exceed 10% of the classes in each subject. An exception can be made in circumstances where unscheduled classes are taken during the period when academic leave is sought. In case of moot court competitions, a student shall be entitled to academic leave for travel and participation, which shall not be for more than 10 working days including travel. In case of a sports event, a student shall not be entitled to academic leave for more than 4 working days, including travel.
  • No academic leave shall be granted for appearing in examinations.
  • It is clarified that in the event a student is unable to appear for an examination on any grounds whatsoever, including medical leave or academic leave, there shall not be any rescheduling of the said examination or special examination, or any proportionate enhancement of marks on the basis of marks secured in any other examination in the said course. No request from any student in this regard can be entertained by any authority.
  • Medical Leave: The University is a residential University. Therefore, medical leave shall be with the prior permission of the University, unless emergency circumstances do not permit it. In such an event, the Vice Chancellor shall be approached as soon as possible. Request for medical leave from students which will involve their absence from the University campus may be considered only against hospitalization for any treatment or investigation or isolation of student(s) required for any contagious diseases.
  • All the medical records, investigations etc., done during admission in a hospital / nursing home along with the request should be submitted to the Undergraduate Council immediately on reporting back to the University and in any case within one week of resuming the classes after the discharge from the hospital / nursing home concerned. No medical certificate shall be entertained by the Undergraduate Council thereafter.
  • Where the student is not admitted to a hospital / nursing home, but isolation of the student from the hostels is required in the larger interest of other students, the same shall be certified by the University doctor.
  • Submission of improper medical certificates or fake certificates shall result in mandatory disciplinary action by the University.
  • A student who has been granted Medical Leave in accordance with these Rules, shall not be awarded any marks for attendance on the grounds that but for the said medical leave, the student would have been present and neither the class hour/s missed on account of the medical leave shall be excluded for calculating the total number of classes in the concerned course.
  • Absentees due to University assignment, duly granted by appropriate authority shall be fully exempted. Students who attended debate/moot court/legal aid camp etc. be given attendance of that period and the said attendance be calculated while totalling the attendance.
  • In each paper, a maximum of 5 marks for attendance shall be given to the students in accordance with the pattern given in below:

Above 95% : 5 Marks 
90% To 95% : 4 Marks 
85% To 90% : 3 Marks 
85% To 85% : 2 Marks 
75% To 80% : 1 Marks