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Notification :- Public Holiday List of 2024 Uploaded on : 08-Dec-2023
HPNLU Hostel Manual 2023 Uploaded on : 24-Jul-2023
Hostel Regulations Uploaded on : 05-Jul-2023
HPNLU Regulation for Convocation Uploaded on : 25-May-2023
Notification :-Home Town Travel Allowance Uploaded on : 14-Sep-2022
Notification:-Regarding Purchases Policy Uploaded on : 12-Sep-2022
Notification:-Regarding Purchases made on the spot Uploaded on : 12-Sep-2022
Placement Assistance Regulations 2022 Uploaded on : 30-Apr-2022
Notification Existing/Amended Provision Uploaded on : 10-Feb-2022
Notification Existing/Amended Provision Uploaded on : 10-Feb-2022
HPNLU, Shimla, LL.D. Regulations 2019 Uploaded on : 31-Jan-2022
HPNLU, Shimla, Executive & Service Regulations, 2020 Uploaded on : 13-Feb-2024
HPNLU Regulations for Ph.D in Law And LL.D. in Law, 2019. Uploaded on : 27-Jan-2022
HPNLU, Shimla, Academic Regulations 2019 Uploaded on : 02-Aug-2021
Ph.D. Submission- Guidelines-Forms Uploaded on : 10-Dec-2020
Thesis/Dissertation/Term-Paper Format Uploaded on : 05-Aug-2020
HPNLU ACT Uploaded on : 21-Jun-2019