Inquiry and Assitance: 0177-350-3000  Admission: 0177-2779804

B.A. LL.B. (Hon.)

Semester I
Course CodePaper
LLB101 English- I
LLB102 Law of Torts & Consumer Protection
LLB103 Legal Methods
BBA 101 Micro Economics
BBA 102 Principles of Management
BBA 103 Organizational & Behavioral Psychology
Semester II
Course CodePaper
LLB201 English – II
LLB202 Law of Contract – I (General Principles)
LLB203 History of Legal & Constitutional Development in India
BA 201 Political Science II(State & Political Obligations)
BA 202 Economics – II(Macro Economics)
BA 203 Sociology - II (Sociology of Contemporary India)
HIL Hindi
Semester III
Course CodePaper
LLB301 Law of Contract - II (Special Contracts)
LLB302 Law of Crimes - I (Indian Penal Code)
LLB303 Constitutional Law - I
BA 301 Political Science - III
BA 302 Economics- III
BA 303 Sociology - III
BBA 303 Cost Accounting
Semester IV
Course CodePaper
LLB 401 Constitutional Law – II
LLB 402 Law of Crimes - II (Criminal Procedure)
LLB 403 Administrative Law
BA 401 Political Science – IV (Public Policy & Public Administration
BA 402 Economics - IV (Development Economics)
BA 403 Sociology - IV (Contemporary Theories)
Semester V
Course CodePaper
LLB 501 Company Law
LLB502 Family Law - I
LLB504 C.P.C& Limitation
LLB505 Honours Paper- I* (BA/BBA+LLB)
BA506 Economics - V (Public Finance)
BBA 103 Organizational & Behavioral Psychology
Semester VI
Course CodePaper
LLB 601 Property Law
LLB602 Family Law-II
LLB603 Jurisprudence
LLB604 Information Technology Laws
LLB605 Honours Paper- II* (BA/BBA+LLB)
BA606 Economics- VI(Quantitative Techniques)
Semester VII
Course CodePaper
LLB 701 Principles of Taxation Law
LLB702 Public International Law
LLB703 Intellectual Property Right-I
LLB704 Law of Drafting, Pleading, & Conveyance (Clinical Paper)
LLB705 Honours Paper- III* (BA/BBA+LLB)
LLB706 Honours Paper- IV* (BA/BBA+LLB)
Semester – VIII
Course CodePaper
LLB 801 Environment Law
LLB802 Intellectual Property Right-II
LLB803 Labor & Industrial Laws-I
LLB804 Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System (Clinical Paper)
LLB805 Honours Paper- V* (BA/BBA+LLB)
LLB806 Honours Paper- VI* (BCL+LLB)
Semester IX
Course CodePaper
LLB 901 Legal Philosophy
LLB902 Law of Interpretation of Statutes
LLB903 Labor & Industrial Laws- II
LLB904 Alternative Dispute Resolution (Clinical Paper)
LLB905 Honours Paper- VII* (BCL+LLB)
LLB906 Honours Paper- VIII* (BCL+LLB)
List of Optional Papers (See Semester VI to IX)
Sr. No.Paper
1 Information Technology Laws
2 Intellectual Property Right-I
3 Intellectual Property Right-II
4 Legal Philosophy
5 Interpretation of Statutes
6 Energy Lawsy
Semester X
Course CodePaper
LLB 1001 Energy Law
LLB1002 Banking & Insurance Law
LLB1004 Moot Court Exercise and Internship (Clinical Paper)
LLB1005 Dissertation & Viva-voce
List of Honours Papers’ for B.A/LL.B. (Hons) (Semester VI to X)
Course CodePaper
B.A. Hons. I Comparative Legal System
B.A. Hons. II Criminology & Correctional Institutions
B.A. Hons. III International Trade Law
B.A. Hons. IV Juvenile Justice & Probation of Offenders
B.A. Hons. V Competition Law
B.A. Hons. VI Business Regulations & Insolvency Law
B.A. Hons. VII Securities and Investment Law
B.A. Hons. VIII Development, Displacement and Human Rights
Summary of Course Curriculum
HeadsDetails - BA
First Degree Papers (One Major with 2 Minor Papers) Economics (6 Papers) Political Science, Sociology (4 Papers each)
Compulsory Paper (English) English- 2 papers in 1 Semester each
Optional Papers (Law) 6 Papers- Semester V to X (1 paper each)
Honours Papers (Integration of Firs Degree and Law) 8 Papers- Semester VI & VII (1 paper each), Semester VIII to X (2 papers each)
Clinical Papers 4 Papers- Semester VII to X (1 paper each) & Moot Court Training
Compulsory Law Papers 2 Papers- Distributed as per standard BCI guidelines