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Centre for Comparative Public Law

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Centre for Comparative Public Law

Advanced studies and research in Comparative Law is intended to learn from the kind of legal solutions to resolve similar problems devised by different laws and legal systems of the world. Comparative investigations into law and legal philosophy enable us to abate national prejudices in respect of both making or unmaking of law and administration of justice. In the age of globalization comparative law and legal philosophy imparts to legal institutions and judicial process cosmopolitan sensibility. It is noteworthy that Indian courts cite invariably legal materials from legal systems all over the world. At the same time, such Centers of excellence can offer immense opportunities to re-examine compatibilities of existing laws and fundamental legal categories to the indigenous socio-cultural milieus and facts. In the way in which, these studies about the compatibilities lead to appreciation of deficiencies, it may also offer insights for developing alternative way of theorising Law and Justice which sans similar suitability issues in law and legal institutions, and time and space.

The principal objective of the Centre for Comparative Law is to undertake studies and investigations in core areas of public law and advanced jurisprudence as well as comparative private law, and comparative legal systems. Chief means proposed to be employed are: conducting specific courses, training programmes and seminars in comparative constitutional law and comparative legal systems. For practical integrations of its work and methods, the Centre may offer elective seminar courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students, in accordance with the University rules.

In addition, the Centre proposes to further its aims and objectives by engaging in:

  • Studies and teaching of comparative merits of different Legal Systems of the world.
  • Studies and teaching of public law with an emphasis on fundamental conceptions in constitutional law and legal institutions.
  • Studies in comparative legal philosophy with an emphasis on understanding Indian (indigenous) legal traditions, philosophy of law and justice in classical and modern epochs.
  • Engage and promote interdisciplinary studies in public and private laws by way of class-room teaching and research.
  • Establish conversation and collaborate with scholars and academicians engaged in similar vocations, from any part of the world.
  • For practical integrations of its work and methods, the Centre would offer, run elective seminar/certificate/credit courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students, in accordance with University rules.
  • In accordance with rules of the University, the Centre for Comparative Law may make endeavors to solicit funds, from governmental and non-governmental sources, to be utilized for furthering its main objectives.

Current Projects/Activities/Future Plans:
  • A Project is being conceived relating to investigation into the practice and effect of PIL (Public Interest Litigation) cases decided by the High Court of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Capacity Development Programme (planned): Comparative Public Law and Hindu Philosophy: Research and Teaching Dimensions in 21st Century India (in July- August,2020). (See Attachment)
  • Symposium is Proposed on Economic and Political System New Dimensions of Theory and Practice (in February-March, 2021).
  • The Centre for Comparative Public Law is making efforts to establish a long-term project on Hindu/Indigenous Ideas of Law, legal System and Legal Philosophy which will involve publication of 3-5 books.

The current constitution of the Centre is as follows: 

Chanchal Kumar Singh (
Director of the Centre), 
Dr. Ved Praksh Sharma (Coordinator)
Assistance Professor of Political Science
Dr. Deepika Gautam (Co-coordinator) 
Assistance Professor of Management
Priyanka Thakur (Member) 
Student B.A.LL.B. VII Semester 
Shivani Chaudhary (Member) 
Student B.A.LL.B. VII Semester 
Shiva Vishnoi (Member)
Student B.A.LL.B. VII Semester

Khushbu Sood (Member) 
Student B.A.LL.B. V Semester 

Centre for Comparative Public Law (CCPL)

Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla
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