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Hon’ble Mr. Justice Amjad Ahtesham Sayed

(Chief Justice, High Court of Himachal Pradesh) 
The Chancellor, Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla

The Chancellor Message

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all the students, faculty members and non-teaching staff of the University, to the new academic session 2022-23. The Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla is one of the leading law education imparting institution in the country. I am delighted to note that the University has, with in a short period of six years since its establishment, made its place amongst the family of National Law Universities in the country. Universities are cradle of learning and development of individual for the social, legal and political system.

The Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla believes in the sacrosanct status of the Indian Constitution and its ethos. The University promotes the learning of values of freedom, democracy, and inherent human rights as well as the basic foundational principles of fundamental duties prescribed by the Constitution of India.

Law scholars, lawyers and law administrators have central roles in promoting constitutional values, rights and duties, upon which the social and the political orders of the society stand. These values are very well connected and depend upon a robust system of law and legal administration. The Law Universities have to shoulder this task by producing academicians, lawyers and law administrators needed for the country. The Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla has been making significant efforts in this direction.

Legal education has many stakeholders- students, parents, teachers, staff and regulatory bodies such as Bar Council of India, University Grants Commission and most importantly, Central and State Governments. The regulatory bodies and the State Governments are expected to shoulder the burden of providing facilities in which learning and research activities can be carried out unhindered.

I am sure that all the stakeholders are doing their best and will make special efforts in future also to achieve the glorious objectives of legal education

Wish all that is the best to the new members of the family joining undergraduate and postgraduate classes in the Academic Session 2022-23

(Justice Amjad Ahtesham Sayed)