Library Rules

Library Rules:

  • Library members shall maintain Perfect Silence, Peace, order and calm environment conducive to concentrate on study.
  • Smoking, spitting, sleeping, whispering, consumption of food, drug, intoxicants, shall not be permitted in the Library.
  • Keep your Mobile Phone on Silent Mode.
  • No Personal Belongings such as Bags, Briefcases, Handbags, Personal Books, and etc. are allowed inside the Library.
  • Return the book on or before due date so as to serve maximum readers with minimum number of books.
  • Borrower shall be fully responsible for any loss which the library may suffer through the misuse of lost Card.
  • Every member must always possess Identity Card and he should produce it whenever called upon to do so by concerned Library Authority.
  • The infringement of rules may deprive a Reader / Borrower of the Membership of the Library for a specific period as per the order of the Authority.
  • If Books issued to a member are found Mutilated at the time of return, he/she shall have to replace or pay the replacement price as per rules of the same.
  • Members violating any of the Rules and Regulation are liable to be punished by disciplinary action.
  • Obtaining “No Dues Certificate” is a mandatory requirement for each member on the expiry of membership or earlier on terminating connection with the University.
  • Library Staff/Attendant is authorized to search any person on entry/exit point of the Library.
  • A member should read the notices placed on the Library Notice Board.
  • Marking or writing on the pages of the books with ink or pencil, tearing off or taking of the pages or otherwise damaging will constitute an offence which is punishable as per rules.
  • Unless a borrower points out, at the time of borrowing, the bad condition, if any of the book, he shall be held strictly responsible for any damage and shall be required to replace the book or pay its price together with extra fine.
  • Doing anything which may disturb other readers or which may be against the discipline of the institution is strictly prohibited.
  • Reference Books, Periodicals, Dictionaries, Theses, Encyclopedias etc shall not be issued.