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SC/ST Welfare Cell

The Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) Cell has been set up to promote the special interests of students in the reserve category. It is expected to provide special inputs in areas where the students experience difficulties. Temporary office of the Cell is Teacher’s Room No. 5 in 2nd Floor, Administrative Block,HPNLU Shimla. Following are the members of SC/ST Cell.

Sr. No. Name Email Designation
1. Mr. Hari Chand,
Assistant Professor (Economics) Coordinator
2. Dr. Amit Chaturvedi,
Assistant Professor (Sociology) Member
3. Mr. Praveen Kumar,
Assistant Professor (Management) Member
4. Ms. Sarita,
Assistant Professor (Law) Member
5. Mr. Pratap Chauhan,
Superintendent Member
6. Mr. Arun Kumar,
Assistant Librarian Member
7. Mr. Rahul Verma,
Clerk (Examination) Member

The students of University may contact any of the above officers for any relevant query.

Complaint of caste discrimination by SC/ST student may be lodged by clicking on the link :

Mr. Hari Chand (Assistant Professor of Economics)
(Coordinator of cell)
Contact No.: 9418666154