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About the Centre:
Centre of Human Right (CHR) is a specialized Centre, established by Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla, for conducting socio-legal research in the emerging, and globally-important field of Human Rights, provide better insights into the fields as researchers and if possible, assist the Government in making better laws and policies. 
This Centre strives to understand and keep up with the ever-evolving field of Human Rights better every day, and aims to serve as a research and training center in the field of Human Rights and its role in various policies. We further aim to initiate collaboration, regional, national and international, fund raising for Human Rights causes and initiate awareness for the latter, keeping in mind both, the social structure we target and the upcoming developments and advances in the field. 

The Centre intends to achieve the following objective :- 

1. To impart comprehensive knowledge on various Human Right Issues and conduct variety of studies/researches in the field of Human Rights 
2. To inculcate sensitivity and awareness about what Human Rights represent, their importance in our lives and how they can help in further evolution of our societies among various individuals and social groups
3. To develop an understanding on difficult, yet important issues related to Human Rights, their importance, both on a national and global scale
4. To facilitate the development of practical skills in professionals in order to ensure effective implementation and understanding of the concept of Human Rights altogether. 

The current constitution of the Centre is as follows: 

Director:                             Dr. Santosh Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor (Law)

Co-Ordinator:                   Mr. Piyush Kumar, Assistant Professor (Law) 

Co-coordinator:               Mr. Narinder Pal, Assistant Professor (History)

Member:                             Dr. Arun Klair, Assistant Professor (Law)

Students Members:

Ms. Anushka Yadav  (BBA 9th Sem.)- Student Coordinator
Ms. Shrey Mishra(BBA 9th Sem.)- Student Coordinator

Ms. Shrutika (BA 3rd Sem.) - Student Co-coordinator
Ms. Neelakshi 
(BA 3rd Sem.) - Student Co-coordinator
Ms.  Shivendu (BA 3rd Sem.) - Student Co-coordinator
Ms. Ankita Singh (BA 5th Sem.) - Student Co-coordinator
Mr. Jagrit Verma (BA 5th Sem.) - Student Co-coordinator
Mr. Sanchit Sharma (BBA 5th Sem.) - Student Co-coordinator
Ms. Jayanti (BBA 7th Sem.) - Student Co-coordinator
Ms. Khushi (BBA 7th Sem.) - Student Co-coordinator

Centre for Human Rights

Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla
16 Miles, Shimla-Mandi National Highway, Ghandal, Shimla, H.P. 171014