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Sr. No.NameAcademic SessionEnrollment No.Enrollment DateTitle of ResearchSupervisorUGC Net / JRFFellowship
Mr. Tijender Kumar Singh
2020-21902020210523-09-2020Settlement Mechanism Under the Competition Law in European Union & India: A Comparative Analysis Dr. AmbikaUGC-NETNo
Ms. Shraddha Oberoi
2020-21902020210425-09-2020Perspectives of Uniform Civil Code in India in the Present Milieu: A StudyDr. Ruchi SapahiaUGC-NETNo
Mr. Shubham Singh Bagla
2020-21902020210325-09-2020Issues and Challenges Relating to Cyber Laws and Cyber Forensic: A StudyProf. (Dr.) Nishtha JaswalUGC-NETNo
Mr. Ajay
2020-21902020210225-09-2020Status of Manuel Scavengers in India: A Socio-legal Study (with special reference to NCT Delhi)Dr. Girjesh ShuklaUGC-NETNo
Mr. Aayush Raj
2020-21902020210127-09-2020Children in Conflict with Law Under Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015: A Socio-legal StudyProf. (Dr.) Nishtha JaswalUGC-NETNo
Mr. Arvind Malhotra
2019-20902019201020-01-2020Justice Delivery System in India: Issues & Challenges with Special Reference to Himachal PradeshDr. Alok KumarN.A.No
Mr. Keshav Kaushik
2019-20902019200925-09-2019Insolvency Resolution Process Under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 and It’s Impact on the Banking Sector and Reduction of Non-Performing AssetsProf. Nishtha JaswalUGC-NETNo
Mr. Anmol Paniya
2019-20902019200712-09-2019A Study of Open Prison System in India with Special Reference to State of RajasthanDr. Ruchi SapahiaN.A.No
Ms. Sunita Panth
2019-20902019200612-09-2019Position of Refugee Women in India: A Socio-Legal StudyDr. Ruchi SapahiaN.A.No
Ms. Vaishali Singh
2019-20902019200511-09-2019Waste Management and Public Health: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to State of Himachal PradeshDr. Chandreshwari MinhasN.A.No
Mr. Sachin Hitkari
2019-20902019200410-09-2019International Commercial Arbitration in India: A Comparative Study with France and SingaporeDr. Alok KumarUGC-NETNo
Ms. Lakashmi Devi
2019-20902019200310-09-2019DeferDr. Chandreshwari MinhasN.A.No
Ms. Vanita Sharma
2019-20902019200211-09-2019Patent Breach of Public Trust Doctrine by Leasing Ecologically Fragile Lands for Commercial Use: A Case Study of Himachal PradeshDr. Ruchi SapahiaN.A.No
Ms. Monika Gautam
2019-20902019200109-09-2019Rights of Animals in India: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to the State of Himachal PradeshDr. AmbikaN.A.No
Ms. Ayesha Mukherjee
2018-19902018191011-10-2018Rights of Persons with Gender Dysphoria in India: Issues and Challenges with Special Reference to Delhi and RajasthanDr. AmbikaN.A.No
Ms. Nidhi Sharma
2018-19902018190906-10-2018Refugee Crisis and the Principle of Non-Refoulment: An Assessment of Indian PositionProf. S.S. JaswalUGC-JRFNo
Ms. Sukanya Mishra
2018-19902018190805-10-2018Law Relating to Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens (With Special Reference to State of Uttar PradeshDr. Girjesh ShuklaUGC-NETNo
Ms. Mehreen Manzoor
2018-19902018190705-10-2018Correctional Approach and Prison Administration: A Socio-Legal Study with Reference to Delhi and Uttar PradeshDr. Girjesh ShuklaUGC-JRFNo
Ms. Sakshee Sharma
2018-19902018190501/10/18Victimization of Women in Cyberspace: A Socio-Legal StudyDr. Chandreshwari MinhasUGC-NETNo
Ms. Shradha Sanjeev
2018-19902018190427-09-2018Child Marriages in India: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to State of RajasthanDr. Alok KumarUGC-NETNo
Ms. Ritu Panta
2018-19902018190326-09-2018Legal Rights of the Victim and the Criminal Justice System in India: An Analytical StudyDr. Girjesh ShuklaUGC-NETNo
Mr. Sahil Malhotra
2018-19902018190224-09-2018Cyber Crimes in India: A Comparative Study with Reference to United States and SingaporeProf. S.S. JaswalN.A.No
Mr. Bharat Barowalia
2018-19902018190120-09-2018Proportionality of Penalty Jurisprudence in Criminal Justice System: A StudyProf. S.S. JaswalUGC-NETNo
Mr. Vinit Kumar Sharma
2017-18902017180125/09/2017Human Rights Education: A Study with Special Reference to Professional Working in the Field of Engineering & TechnologyDr. Girjesh ShuklaN.A.No