• The Vice-Chancellor shall constitute the following committees for each Academic Year:
    • Examination Committee: The Examination Committee, headed by a Controller of Examination or any other teacher nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for this purpose shall conduct examinations, implement these Rules and make recommendations, if any, on matters pertaining to the examination. In constituting the Examination Committee, the Vice Chancellor shall take into account the need for continuity in the decision making process.
    • Departmental Moderation Committee: The Departmental Moderation Committee, which shall comprise of three members of the respective department or two nominated teachers by the Vice-Chancellor.
    • Disciplinary Committee: The Disciplinary Committee shall inquire into disciplinary cases referred to it, including those involving use of unfair means/indiscipline in examinations and submit its report to the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Every Committee shall have a secretary who shall co-ordinate and the committee shall be chaired by the Registrar and two members nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Examination Committee shall plan, organize, supervise and take decisions in all examination related matters, implement these Rules and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for any desired change of these Rules from time to time. The Examination Committee will work under the guidance of the Vice Chancellor.
  • The Departmental Moderation Committee shall moderate all the question papers, at least three days before the commencement of mid-semester, end semester and repeat examinations, and if required, shall finalize the question paper in consultation with the concerned faculty member.
  • The Disciplinary Committee shall, in addition to the various disciplinary issues referred to it, inquire into any cases of malpractice or unfair means adopted by the students in any examination and submit its report along with recommendations to the Examination Committee.
  • The Examination Committee may make recommendations as to procedures for maintenance of examination and academic records by the Examination Department, including maintenance of records by providing document numbers, and classification, for easy retrieval.
  • The examination process being confidential in nature, no student shall seek access to Examination Department for any reason whatsoever. The faculty shall also cooperate in maintaining the confidentiality of the examination process.