Sr. No. Syllabus
1. Victimology Uploaded on 17-Feb-2024
2. Media Law Uploaded on 17-Feb-2024
3. Laws on Securities and Financial Market Uploaded on 17-Feb-2024
4. International Human Rights Law Uploaded on 17-Feb-2024
5. Constitutional Governance and Federalism Uploaded on 17-Feb-2024
6. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws Uploaded on 29-Nov-2023
7. Forensic Studies Uploaded on 29-Nov-2023
8. Geographical Indications, Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity Laws Uploaded on 11-Aug-2023
9. Law Relating to Trademarks Uploaded on 11-Aug-2023
10. International Trade Law and IPR Uploaded on 29-Apr-2023
11. Criminal Psychology & Restorative Justice Uploaded on 29-Apr-2023
12. Law & Justice in a Globalizing World Uploaded on 09-Feb-2023
13. Global Administrative Law Uploaded on 09-Feb-2023
14. Research Methods & Methodology Uploaded on 09-Feb-2023