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Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman

Date of Birth: 13-August-1956

Cathedral School, Mumbai (High 1st Division, ISC)

Shri Ram College of Commerce-B.Com
Faculty of Law, Delhi – L.L.B. (1st Class-2nd in the University)
Harvard Law School-L.L.M. (Thesis on affirmative action: a comparison between India and US constitutional law)

Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of India.
Was made Senior Counsel by the Chief Justice of India. Justice Venkatachalaiah amended the rules in order to make him a Senior Counsel at the young age of 37 against the mandatory 45. Has practiced Maritime Law in New York at Haight, Gardener, Poor and Havens for 1 year. Has practiced law for the last 35 years. Has over 500 Reported Supreme Court Judgments to his credit. Expert in Comparative Constitutional Law and Civil Law.

Governing Board:
Gujarat Law School, Ahmedabad.

Mediation Committee:
Member, Supreme Court of India.

Lectured at:
The Delhi Law School, University of Delhi.
The Bar Council of India at the Supreme Court of India.
Gave the keynote address at the K.L. Misra Lecture on SPIRITUALITY AND LAW along with the Chief Justice of India and other Supreme Court Judges in Allahabad in 2004.
Member of the Delegation from the Supreme Court of India to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, 2002.
Gave a talk at IIC Delhi 2007 on Beethoven.

Specializing in Comparative Religious Studies:
Ordained Priest from Bandra Agiary.
Lectured in New York to the Zoroastrian Federation.
Gave the SEARCH lecture at the IIC, Delhi in 200.
Gave religious talks at Philadelphia in 2005.
Gave two lectures in Ahmedabad at the invitation of the Ahmedabad Parsi Panchayat in 2003.
Held fortnightly Gatha classes for two years in Delhi.
Delivered the Annual K.R. Cama Lecture at K.R. Cama Institute, Mumbai on “Through the Looking Glass”.
Zoroastrianism in other faiths on 11.11.2006.
Solicitor General of India from July 27, 2011 to February 4, 2013.
Elevated as Judge, Supreme Court of India on 7th July, 2014.

Other interests:
Passion for and deep knowledge about western classical music.
Great interest in and avid reader of history, philosophy, literature and science.
Enjoys nature walks-is a committed daily walker.